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Premier4509 Releases Kit For Lamborghini Gallardo

May 1st, 2008 by tonks in Lamborghini, News

Lamborghini GallardoIf you missed out on the Premier4509’s tuning after seeing the tuner Continental GT, a aftermarket firm in Japan released a similar kit for the body for a Lamborghini Gallardo. Now other than the extroverted aero kit, Why wait till now to release a body kit for a model that’s been replaced? The Galardo LP560-4 that came out recently replaced the model which the Premier4509 based this body kit.

For those people who have a taste for the extreme and some extra cash the Premier4509’s Gallardo kit consists of new side skirts, bumpers front and back, a rear spoiler and optional stainless exhaust tips, and the same forged rims used for the company’s Bentley.

The front end, inspired by the Lamborghini Reventon, has all the parts made of carbon fiber, the Premier4509 points out, has been laboriously hand-stitched together because some panels are wider than the sheets in which the material comes. Premier4509 also has stated that it’s working on new kits for Maseratis, Bentleys and Astons Martin.

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  1. jake Says:

    as if the gallardo wasnt sexy enough.. it just got even sexier

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