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Novitec Powers Up Fiat 500

May 20th, 2008 by tonks in News, Novitec

Fiat 500Novitec is famous for tuning some of the more high end vehicles from Ferrari and Alfa – but that doesn’t exclude them from their next project – the Fiat 500. They have produced several different mods that are available to anyone who owns the 500 that can leave your ride looking sportier and more powerful than before.

500 drivers can add a subtle front chin spoiler, new wheels and tires, and suspension updates to improve the car’s already appealing looks. On the performance side, Novitec has come up with an exhaust upgrade and a pair of power packages. The 1.3L Multijet turbodiesel gets bumped from the stock 70 horses to a stouter 83, and the 1.4L gasoline engine gets an even more substantial boost. In standard form, it makes 100 horsepower and 96 lb-ft of torque. With Novitec’s supercharger, it jumps to 131 horses at 5,200 rpm and 126 lb-ft of torque at 6,200 rpm.

These numbers are topped by the upcoming 500 Abarth, and the factory hot hatch probably makes more sense for new shoppers looking to combine the 500′s looks with better power the moment they drive away from the showroom. with the Novitec mods, however, early adopters who grabbed the huggable little hatchback as soon as it arrived now have some power options of their own, too.

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