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Hennessey Improving On GT-R, IS F, And ZR1

April 15th, 2008 by tonks in Hennessey, News

Hennessey ViperHennessey is brilliant and has worked on some of the top cars including the Viper, Mustang, and the Veyron. His most recent accomplishes are the GT-R, IS F, and ZR1. He has created these cars to be some of the best and most powerful on the road. Hennessey stated this week that he has already begun working on packages that will improve these cars (if that’s possible) and make them more powerful.

The IS F looks to be the first in line, with the experiment subject arriving at Hennessey’s shop next week. The car will be a test bed for “headers, exhaust and air induction systems first. Then maybe a blower.” He’s also got his eye on the baddest boy Corvette ZR1, for which his website advertises “700+ HP coming soon!” The physics-defying GT-R is in the crosshairs as well, and if he can make it better than it already is, that would be among the best testaments for his services.

Coming down just a notch – but still up there – the Cadillac CTS-V and Camaro will get their chances for glory as well. While all of this sounds great, what we really hope is that none of this extra work causes Hennessey not to give us the Venom. That’s the package we are truly dying to see.

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