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G-Power Tunes Up BMW M6 Hurricane

June 12th, 2008 by tonks in BMW, G-power, News

BMW M6 HurricaneG-Power is going to be tuning up the M6 Hurricane by giving it a 5.0 liter V10 engine – which is similar to the one that they gave the M5 Hurricane. Of course there are a few things that are different.

The twin blowers on the car have been set for a lower boost – which is only 6 psi when you compare it to the 10 psi of the M5. However, it still can produce a good 635 bhp at 7300 rpm and 469 pound-foot of torque. This gives the car the ability to go from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. Read the rest of this entry »

AC Schnitzer Tunes BMW 1-Series Cabrio

May 12th, 2008 by tonks in BMW, News

BMW 1-Series CabrioAC Schnitzer is not one to beat around the bush or to waste any time. When they saw the new BMW 1-series Cabrio they knew that it was time for them to make their move. While they improved upon the vehicle we have to admit that this tuning job didn’t take much time at all.

The package for the new ACS1 Cabrio will give it all of the important Schitzerfield exterior deisgns – which include a diffuser, rear bumper, front bumper, and side skirts. One of the things that we are most happy about is the fact that they have created tuning packages for every single model in the lineup for the 1-series. This includes the 123d, 120d, and 135i. Read the rest of this entry »

Hartge's BMW 'Hunter'

December 27th, 2007 by tonks in BMW

BMW X3 HunterHerbert Hartge is well known for his BMW vehicles that have been created with a mixture of the usual technology that is put into a vehicle and a little bit of motor sports technology. The fact that Hartge has experience as a race driver and a team manager gives him a slight edge over the competition.

The modified X3 renders his passion. As “HUNTER” it embodies a fine sleek manner of moving expertly and stylishly over rough and smooth. The necessary ground clearance of 23 cm is provided by longer spring/damper units, additional front spacer blocks and very good all-terrain-pneus (255/55 R 18) which are mounted on HARTGE’s “CLASSIC 2″ light alloy wheels. Read the rest of this entry »

AC Schnitzer Tweaks M3

December 5th, 2007 by tonks in BMW

AC Schnitzer M3BMW has heard nothing but positive remarks on the M3. It is a vehicle that can be used as an everyday car or as a car that you can take out on the high and rough roads. AC Schnitzer (German tuners) feels that they can improve upon the vehicle and are determined to customize it and give it a much better appearance. Read the rest of this entry »

Hamann BMW 'Edition Race'

November 8th, 2007 by tonks in BMW

Hamann BMW M5 Edition RaceMany people are content to drive a BMW just the way it is – but what fun is that? Most who are looking to spice it up will take it to Hamann Motorsport – one of the top import tuners. They will make your car (whatever it is) and have it driving like a supercar in no time.

This BMW M5 was taken to Hamann – which was re-named the ‘Edition Race’ – was given wheelarch extensions, spoilers, big wheels and a more noticeable aggressive stance that is bound to add some presence. The front spoiler was given a larger central air intake with mesh grille and brake cooling ducts. Either side of the bumper has been drawn out in order to join together with the contoured box arches. This is what helps to create the teardrop shape. Read the rest of this entry »