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Hamann BMW 'Edition Race'

November 8th, 2007 by tonks in BMW

Hamann BMW M5 Edition RaceMany people are content to drive a BMW just the way it is – but what fun is that? Most who are looking to spice it up will take it to Hamann Motorsport – one of the top import tuners. They will make your car (whatever it is) and have it driving like a supercar in no time.

This BMW M5 was taken to Hamann – which was re-named the ‘Edition Race’ – was given wheelarch extensions, spoilers, big wheels and a more noticeable aggressive stance that is bound to add some presence. The front spoiler was given a larger central air intake with mesh grille and brake cooling ducts. Either side of the bumper has been drawn out in order to join together with the contoured box arches. This is what helps to create the teardrop shape. Read the rest of this entry »